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Can your beauty beat the heat?

It is HOT and so are we… Summer is here! We’re going out. We’re dressing up. We’re looking hot and we’re looking…hot. While enjoying the heat, you’re probably not enjoying your makeup sludge. Don’t think you’re alone. Dellaria is here to hack the heat! We’re going to walk you through the best Summer skin routines and […]

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Should your hair be on a diet?

Bad hair days? We’re over it! Sick of blowing money on products promising hair growth or beautiful locks and never seeing results? It’s time for another hack: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Spend your money on something you actually want; SNACKS! We’ve got your go-to hair snacks. No, you aren’t feeding your hair.. well not […]

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Second day curls — the hacks you’ve been waiting for!

Curly Qs! Second-day post wash… are you turning to the bun? Running back to the wash?? Curls can be tough; enough is enough! We’re bringing you the best beauty hacks for your twisted locks. #1 Curl refreshers: Your new best friends! We’ve got 2 for you! Bumble and Bumble Curl Primer: Pre-style // Re-style DevaCurl […]

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Steph Scissorhands: The Ride or Dye Stylist

Steph Blog Post Featured image

Originally Writen By Jenny Rollins Published in the BU News Service On a Saturday morning, without warning, Stephanie Geib stops singing mid-song, puts down her paintbrush, grabs and holds up her phone with her purple-dyed hands, looks into the phone camera grinning, spins in a circle, and yells, “Good morning, Instagram!” Then she laughs, puts […]

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Hair Powder Blog Before and After

Hiding behind hats? Messy buns?? Did you forget to book ahead for your color service? We’ve got tricks to get you through the wait to that hair appointment! Hope you’re prepared for some extra body! Yeah, didn’t think that would be much of a bummer. Your first must is lift. The higher the hair is […]

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Gem Roots is the New Spring Hair Color Trend

Gem Roots Blog Image

Spring is in the air (finally) and it is time to dye your hair a bright. We are not talking about Emma Roberts’ bubblegum-pink hair or Paris Jackson’s peach highlights. We are talking about the newest trend: GEM ROOTS. The crystal-inspired dye job was first spotted by Allure on Las Vegas-based hairstylist Chita Beseau’s Instagram. To get the muted-purple look, Beseau used the rainbow […]

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