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Pro-Force Bonder By Framesi


Not Another Bonder


Dellaria Salons is proud to launch a brand new treatment that can be added to your hair color formula during processing and used after your hair color is shampooed, to create unbelievable shine, seal the hair and promote lasting hair health.

Since the arrival of bonding systems in salons everywhere (Olaplex), the market has become flooded with these additives that claim to be better than the last. Why would you care to hear about another bonder? The answer is because Framesi’s MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE is not just another bonder.

Framesi’s MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE does not simply rebuild the bonds, but rather permanently repairs damaged hair with what it actually needs…MOISTURE.  Positively-charged hyaluronic acid (the powerful humectant that you’ve been seeing in all of your most moisturizing skincare products) fills in the damaged and negatively-charged gaps in the hair. Then, an innovative and protective polymer creates an elastic, moisturizing shield that locks in the hyaluronic acid to the gaps that have just been filled for permanent repair. In addition, proteins and natural amino acids are added to strengthen the hair.

You’re probably thinking “okay I got it…is the mixing complicated?”  The mixing is actually very easy and fool-proof. Each pump accurately and precisely measures out 2 mL for each press or  “pump.” Add 4 pumps (8 mL / ¼ oz.) of the PRO-FORCE Bonder 101 to every

30 cc (1 oz.)  of lightener, and 2 pumps (4 mL / ⅛ oz.) for all haircolor applications (regardless of the amount of haircolor mixed). Process as normal and rinse without shampooing. Towel-dry the hair and distribute 8 pumps (16 mL / ½ oz.) on average, of the PRO-FORCE Sealer 102 depending on the thickness/texture of the client’s hair. This step processes for 5 minutes, then rinse and proceed with the Framesi Color Method System (Shampoo GO, Post Color, Mask).  Remember to mix your lightener or color with developer first, and then add Bonder 101 to this mixture.  MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE can also be used as a stand alone deep restructuring treatment and will instantly repair extremely damaged hair.

One of the many great things about Framesi is the ability to adapt to the needs of stylists and consistently create innovation that works. MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE will not affect lift, gray coverage, or deposit. No need to bump the developer or increase processing time. Some bonders are not made for every type and texture, but Framesi’s MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE is for every hair type. Add it to every lightening and haircolor service and your clients will love their hair even more than they do today! Maintaining healthy hair is truly the best way to preserve haircolor and fight fadage.

Framesi’s MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE is the perfect harmony of hydrating hyaluronic acid and powerful conditioning ingredients. The repaired results do not wash away. Most bonder’s ‘top coat’ layer of protection starts to leave the hair after a few shampoos. Some require a weekly or even daily treatment to maintain results. If they repaired the hair, why would you have to ‘maintain’ the result with a STEP 3? Now you can send your client home with their favorite products like the Framesi MORPHOSIS Repair Collection or FRAMESI COLOR LOVER shampoo, conditioner and styling.

Keep on coloring and lightening with guaranteed protection, shine, condition, and innovation that works from Framesi. When your friends ask, remind them that Framesi MORPHOSIS PRO-FORCE is NOT just another bonder.

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