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Framesi Intense: Fast & Healthy Hair Color

Dellaria Color Director, Franco Cannatella on Framesi Intense:
My conversion to FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE, (Framesi Intense) took place 11 months ago. Transitioning my guest’s formulation has been effortless, the results have shown to exceed my expectations and my guests as well. Furthermore, this has strengthened my beliefs in Framesi for being at the cutting edge of today’s technology and innovation in hair color: FRAMESI FAST, technology that works!
In today’s active world of fast processing and data information, staying busy and successful as a hairdresser/colorist has never been easier with FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE. It’s a perfect fit in today’s busy lifestyle, for both my guest and Dellaria Salon.

My guest
They come from every age group: the young and not so experienced, the future business entrepreneurs, the busy executive mom and the more mature. One factor they all have in common:
the power to get fast information at their fingertips and they don’t have enough hours to accomplish everything in their day.

FRAMCOLOR 2001 INTENSE (Framesi Intense) is a non-progressive formulation (so even if it stays longer on the hair it doesn’t go darker), that gives me the ability to process color at HALF OF THE TIME with no compromise in color results, whether I’m covering gray hair, changing their color or toning. This makes my guests very happy! They are now spending less time in the salon and more time working on their to do list.

As a Professional
Framesi Intense empowers me with peace of mind, security and results I expect as a colorist for:

-100% gray coverage
-Superior condition, shine & longevity
-Up to 4 levels of lift
-Luminous Hi-Fi shades
-Hair integrity…uncompromised!

I’ve become more successful in my work time management and constantly receiving praises from my guests for being on schedule. The power to personalize my services in the chair today spontaneously and so effortlessly. Nevertheless, the ability to boost my revenue by increasing my bookings.
Furthermore, since my guest can only receive the above benefits at Dellaria Salons exclusively, it makes me stand above the competition.

-Franco Cannatella, Color Director, Dellaria Wellesley

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  1. Is this process more expensive than the standard price of a standard one process hair color in your salons?

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