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HelpIs By Founder & Master Stylist Joyce Deliyiannis

Joyce Deliyiannis, Master Stylist at D’Spa by Dellaria, has found a profound way to give back and help others as a stylist. Since 2009 Joyce has been providing Free Haircuts to the homeless and those recently unemployed and has founded a non-profit organization, HelpIs. Since inception, Dellaria Salons has supported Joyce and her mission 100%. Beginning in Dellaria’s D’Spa Salon in Burlington, Joyce would work on her day off on Mondays and provide free haircuts to those who had become recently unemployed. Joyce now travels to Boston homeless shelters weekly where she provides Free Haircuts.

“When people know they are cared for, they are empowered to move forward,” Deliyiannis said.

Joyce  believes that kindness has the power to bring hope to those searching for it and by extension, change lives. She started HELPIS to work toward building a community of equals, providing whatever kindnesses they are able to the people they encounter. We hear so much in the news about Americans who are struggling, but we don’t always know who they are. When you look for opportunities to help, you might realize that your neighbor is one of those struggling Americans. When those wrestling with adversity have a face, turning away becomes impossible and responsibility to the community grows. Deliyiannis explains, “My hope is that when people help others respectfully with no expectations, they will feel good about doing the right thing, which will inspire them to do more. A few generous people can build a dynamic network of kindness if they keep in mind that together, anything is possible.”    

In 2016, after 7 years of hard work, Joyce and HELPIS had the month of May declared the official a Month of Kindness in the State of MA.

To join Joyce and HelpIs to provide assistance to those in need visit or call 781-472-9720.

Joyce, Dellaria Salons couldn’t be more proud of all the beautiful work you have done to help others. You are an inspiration and we are here to support you and your efforts 100%. Thank you for being a valuable member of our Dellaria Salon family.

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