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Hair Extensions: Fusion, Tape-Ins and More

Want to know our client’s secret to achieving long, voluminous hair? No, it’s not Biotin. Hair Strengthening Shampoo? Nope, guess again.

It’s Hair Extensions! That’s right, our client’s love the real, top quality, human hair extensions available at Dellaria Salons. Hair Extensions come in a variety of installation types and are attached in layers within your own hair and then colored and cut to blend right in. Whether you want to look like you stepped off the red carpet or simply suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, Alopecia or pattern baldness, Hair Extensions are an amazing solution for you.

Read on to learn all about the most popular types of Hair Extensions available at Dellaria Salons, then schedule a consultation with a Dellaria Salons Hair Extension Expert.

I-Tip Pro Hair Extensions

Great for seasoned Hair Extension lovers who want a gorgeous, high quality hair extensions that lasts.

Get the best of the I-Tip and Tape-In methods in one double-duty extension! These babies lay flat and smooth, just like Tape-Ins, but install with the adhesive-free beads and the 360 degree movement of I-Tips. The natural look and comfortable feel works perfectly for seasoned hair extension-wearers and newbie clients alike!

Flat-Tip extensions and I-Tips use microbeads to clamp each hair extension strand in place. With these beads, your hair can be long and full without the worry of slippage. This installation method uses absolutely no chemicals, glue, or heat. 

– May be reused up to 3 times

– Application time: 1 to 2 hours

– Lasts 3 to 6 months with proper care

– Available in 22″ straight


Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Great for just partial extensions, to fill in and create dimension.

When you feel comfortable, you feel confident. That’s why stylists have been using the Fusion method longer than any other. The adorably natural feel of Fusion is refreshing and fun. 

This tried-and-true technique involves connecting extensions to hair with keratin bonds. (Yes, that same keratin protein that your hair is made of!) Each extension strand comes pre-tipped, with the keratin bond ready to go. Each strand is individually attached for 360 degree movement and ultimate styling potential. 

– Application time: 2 to 3 hours

– May be reused up to 3 times (with Rebonds)

– Lasts 2 to 4 months with proper care

– Available in 18″ straight


Tape-In Pro

Recommended for new and temporary hair extension lovers.

This method is a showstopper. Installation is astonishingly fast and the look is shamelessly seamless. Clients are raving about how Tape-Ins provide length and volume and blend easily into hair. 

This revolutionary method installs in as little as 45 minutes, so you’ll be looking fabulous in no time. And because it’s so speedy, it will save you precious time and money. The medical grade adhesive is designed for hair, so with proper care, tape won’t weaken until you’re ready to remove it with the help of our trusty Tape-In Bond Remover. 

-Application time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

-May be reused up to 3 times

-Lasts 3 to 6 months with proper care

-Available in 14″ straight, 18″ straight, and 22″ straight

Regardless of which type of hair extension you and your stylist choose, you’ll love your new length unlimited styles and looks made possible by your new hair extensions. Call any Dellaria Salon to schedule a consultation, or book online now.

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    1. Hi Ruby, To find out if Hair Extensions are right for you, please call any Dellaria Salon and schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our Hair Extension Experts. A professional consultation is the only way to determine if Hair Extensions would be a good choice for you. Thank you for checking out our blog and for leaving us a comment. Kindly, Dellaria Salons

    1. Hi Sarah, for Hair Extension pricing please call a Dellaria Salon near you to schedule a consultation. Extension pricing is based on length, extension type and many other factors. We look forward to working with you and helping you make your hair goals a reality!

  1. There are so many different options! This is a great explanation of the differences between those styles. I need to try the keratin bond hair extensions!

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