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Jillian Ross: From Stylist to Dellaria Salon Owner



Jillian Ross’ journey began when she joined Dellaria Salons as a shampoo assistant during cosmetology school in 2003. She immediately fell in love with the environment, immense training and level of professionalism she learned at Dellaria Salons. She knew if she ever opened her own salon, it would have to be a Dellaria Salon.

Fast forward 10 years, through Dellaria’s training program, Jillian became a Master Stylist and went on to rent a booth in a salon. She loved the independence of booth renting, but it was not as profitable as she had hoped. She wanted her own team of stylists to educate and inspire and a bigger salon with employees. When Jillian heard an opportunity was available to start her own Dellaria Salon, the decision was easy.
She knew she was only a few steps away from achieving her ultimate goal, owning her own Dellaria brand salon.

The process was easy. Jillian chose her location, reviewed site plans and logistics with Dellaria Salons management team and signed her operating agreement. With a small downpayment, construction began and within a few short months, Jillian, along with her husband Shane, were the proud owners of a gorgeous, brand new Dellaria Salon, in Marlborough, MA.

“Dellaria went above and beyond and saved us a tremendous amount of time and money to get our salon opened.” says Jillian, “We were nervous, opening a business for the first time, but the Dellaria Management team was right there for us, talking us through the entire process.”

With Dellaria Salons sophisticated stylist and employee training programs and marketing plans in place, Dellaria Salons Marlborough location, quickly had a full clientele and was a success from the start.

Now, operating her own salon and having reached her highest goal, if you ask Jillian what she’s most proud of, she’ll tell you it’s her salon team. She’s passionate about the leadership aspect of salon ownership and she takes pride in inspiring the stylists that work for her, educating them and helping to build their careers to the level she’s achieved.

At Dellaria Salons, our stylists and employees success is our highest priority. We encourage all stylists to reach for the stars and start their own business with Dellaria Salons.
There is no greater satisfaction than the freedom and financial security of being your own boss.

To start your own Dellaria brand salon call 617-254-1004 x 26 or to learn check out our Partnership Opportunity Page.

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