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Can your beauty beat the heat?

It is HOT and so are we…

Summer is here! We’re going out. We’re dressing up. We’re looking hot and we’re looking…hot. While enjoying the heat, you’re probably not enjoying your makeup sludge.

Don’t think you’re alone. Dellaria is here to hack the heat! We’re going to walk you through the best Summer skin routines and share some top product picks along the way.  Let’s go!


  1. Toner! First things first, you want to be sure to remove any excess oil from the skin’s surface. If you’re leaving oil on the skin at application you may as well be pouring your makeup right onto a slip’n slide.
  2. ICE ICE BABY! Surprise: follow up your toner with an ice cube! Swipe the ice cube about the skin, focusing on areas with larger pores. The ice will keep you cool to prevent sweating while applying your makeup. It also closes off pores allowing makeup to stay on the surface rather than soaking into the skin only to later escape your skin leaving an oily mess.
  3. The last step in prep is primer. Before applying any foundation base this is a hard must! We recommend trying a primer with light coverage. A good primer followed by pressed powder is a great way to avoid melting if you can stand to stay away from the liquid. 

Here are a few of our favorites!



Start here with a good swipe over the lid and under the eye with micellar water. This to make sure all excess oil is gone.

Shadow: Creams are basically disastrous for most parts of the face, however we do suggest a little on the eyes. Prime the lid with minimal cream shadow and finish the look by patting on and blending in your powder shadow. Play it safe with color! Just like pesky sweat stains we look to avoid in our clothes, darker shades only intensify the look of a melty hot mess.

Liner: Keep it simple! If there’s risk of your liner leaving its home the last thing you want is to have more to go around. Avoid lining the lower lash line. Using a waterproof liner, apply just a little above the upper lash line. This will amp up the volume and leave people wondering if you’re even wearing liner!



If you’re daring to do a cat eye

Lashes: Of course you could guess a waterproof mascara would do the trick. If you’re anything like me you may not like the feeling of being so trapped in your makeup. If that’s the case, just keep it light. Be sure to avoid using dried out mascara that flakes off under your eyes because we can assure you it won’t be dry for long in the heat. Talk about a smokey eye!

Falsies fanatic? Don’t love melted glue and blurred vision? HELLO! Have you tried magnetic lashes yet?! They’re comfortable, they stay in place, and they look ahhhhhhmazing. We rate them 100!

To sum it up: YOU NEED THEM!



I’m sure you’re already getting compliments on the non-existent blush on those flushed cheeks? If blush is must for you this one is easy. Cream blush is your bestie for the summer! Like eye sahdow, lightly highlight just the apples of your cheeks with your favorite cream blush and set with minimal powder blush. The blush is likely to settle into your skin, but this is the place where the melt is acceptable. The deeper it sets, the more natural your rosey cheeks appear.

Go-to: Clinique ChubbyStick Cheek Colour

If you’re into contour, simple, just stick to pressed powder bronzers this summer.


If liquid foundation is a must for you, stick to a light-weight formula. Here’s a list of the top high coverage, water and sweat resistant bases to help you beat the heat.

One major key to having your base last you through the heat is being sure to pat in foundation. Using a brush on oily skin will only spread foundation causing a streaky finish, whereas patting will prevent streaks as the sponge soaks up surface oil on the skin giving you an even application.

Ditch the stippling brush and grab the Beauty Blender!


If you take our advice in ditching the liquid you could stick to Clinique SuperPowder or ColoreScience Natural Finish pressed foundation for full coverage in a powder. While great alone these are also excellent for setting while adding a little extra coverage if you really want to double up for a hot night out.  If you’re looking for something a little lighter just to finish off the look We’ll drop the go-tos below!




The final touch: setting spray! If you could overdose on setting spray I’d be in trouble. Aside from keeping makeup on lock, setting spray is my go-to to cool down! A nice mist and a sense of security. Ahhh. Setting spray is the staple of the routine. Of the goodies listed below, my personal favorite is the Air Repair. It contains Aloe Vera gel so it moisturizes while the gel really locks things into place; this one’s also an anti-inflammatory so if you’re looking a little puffy from a late night this guy calms things down.

 Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control
– Air Repair Complexion Quenching Facial Mist 
NYX Matte Finish 

Doll up and ditch the melt.

Come back and share your success with the Summer sludge-proof makeup routine!


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  1. I found this blog to be VERY helpful! I find as I’m getting older my face is changing in some ways that I’m not sure how to deal with. Thank you for the great tips 😉 I definitely plan to try some of them! Keep up the good work Cait! ♡

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