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Eccentric Caimpus: Fashion & Hair Trends Fall 2018

Franco Cannatella, Dellaria Salon’s Creative Director, Educator recently traveled abroad to seek out the hottest hair and fashion trends in Europe. He attended Framesi’s International Congress 2018 Hair and Beauty Show in Valencia, Spain where he was enthralled by the launch of Framesi’s Eccentric Caimpus. Read on to learn about the hottest trend this fall.

Eccentric Caimpus by: ENERGY & ITALIANSTYLE, Creative Team’s at FRAMESI International

A new standard of beauty is making its way in our time, from Television, film, music and fashion come unusual creative inspirations telling modern stories of “ordinary” people. Those who were considered “weird”, losers or nerds are now the new heroes. They walk out of the widely known paths and live life in freedom, with a clarity of mind that sounds irrational to the most.

Eccentric Campus, just like in a movie, shows the parable of the anti heroes that eventually come out of their cocoon to discover they are butterflies. In a completely reversed situation, it is Clark Kent, so clumsy and shy, the real hero of the story, not superman!

Eccentric Campus is the praise of originality and human nature in all its unique versions. It hosts an imaginary college where all weird and uncommon characters meet to cultivate their personal features and freedom of expression.

Eccentric Campus is a trend that tells of our time and of the radical change in our sense of what is beautiful. It is the last real fashion revolution.


Six Hair and Color Proposals Featured Below:

1. Funny Face: Young and nice, the beauty icon has a ruffled look.

2. Freak, so chic!: The very short and smooth bob has a flipped ends for a tomboy effect.

3. Weird as I’m: Definitely natural curls. The secret? An impeccable haircut and product application to support the style.

4. Fashionable oddity: Midway between a schoolgirl and a teacher. The uneven perimeter of the haircut is more personalized by small red pieces.

5. Apricot Benefits: Tender, sweet and soft just like a juicy apricot. The color has the main role in this really unique look.

6. Nerd princess: The extremely personal interpretation of the most traditional updo braid with wool, while framing the face with long smooth sections.

By: Franco Cannatella, Creative Director Dellaria Salon, Educator Framesi International

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