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Hiding behind hats? Messy buns??

Did you forget to book ahead for your color service? We’ve got tricks to get you through the wait to that hair appointment!

Hope you’re prepared for some extra body! Yeah, didn’t think that would be much of a bummer. Your first must is lift. The higher the hair is lifted from your scalp, the less visible the root. One way to achieve lift is a good tease of course. Another way to achieve lift is from your second must: hair powder. Dry shampoos soak up excess oil freeing your hair from the extra weight bringing your roots down while creating an awesome boost for your root. Pair the two techniques and you’re ready to rock some [root free] killer volume!

Blondes trying to hide a dark root: you may be good to go with a basic dry shampoo which typically uses a white powder. For other shades of hair, a white root may not be the cover-up you’re looking for.. Lucky for you, brands like Bumble and Bumble have you in mind! Colored hair powder BOOM! Offering 2 colors right now, Bumble’s blondish and brownish cover a range of shades. Blondish covers up for shades from blonde to light brown, and even some shades of red. How? It’s build-able! The more or less you use affects the pigment of the powder sitting on your head. Brownish has you covered from shades of lighter brunette to espresso.

So tease it up, powder it down, and book that color service!!

2 thoughts on “Rooted?

  1. So true,
    Beautiful results & lasted longer than any other red dye I have tried, one jar was enough for two sets of extensions & my natural below shoulder length hair.
    This will help some.

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