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Straight to you from Valencia, Spain, Dellaria Salon’s Creative Director, Educator Framesi North America Franco Cannatella, reveals the 2018/2019 hair and fashion trends  from Framesi’s International Congress Hair and Fashion Show.

Read on to get the inside scoop on this smoking hot hair and fashion trend in Italy and throughout Europe.

By Franco Cannatella:


Framesi’s launch of Wild Kingdom, featuring Animal prints from head to toe in an unconditional mix and match look is never far away from class and taste.

Style that is not impolite or malicious. Animal print is a passion that fashion never puts completely apart. Times L as this fall/winter look makes a powerful comeback

on the international catwalks.

Nothing over the years has known more interpretations than the Animal

Print. No trend has ever assumed so many different identities

in our aesthetic perception. Worn by the movie stars of the 1930’s, it

was synonymous with luxury. In 1947 Christian Dior brought elegant animal printed clouds of chiffon on his runways.

Throughout the 1950’s-1960’s Animal Prints remained a symbol of good taste, as we can verify from the styles beloved by Jacqueline Kennedy

and Audrey Hepburn.

In the 1970’s animal prints became sexy, during a time of rock, sexual freedom and feminism. The wild look, sometimes pushed to vulgarity, seemed to be the only way for women assert themselves.

A decade later transformed the spotted print into the emblem of the flashy exhibitionist in the 1980’s. Since then, the most elegant women have been looking at the animal print with certain prudence… until now.

Animal Prints have become a neutral element and, as all neutrals, it gives its best

when matched with color.

Six Hair Color and Style Proposals to

Compliment Animal Print Fashion Inspirations

1.Hair Icon: the fearless and self-confident women. Her direct gaze tells all about her personality. As a hot bright day in the savannah, her personality is absolute and majestic. The entirely spotted look, the black patent accessory, the zipper and the corset belt are downplayed by hair that with its warm and intense sunshine yellow is called to be the main character of the image.

2. Jungle Meets Glam: The extreme polish of the updo creates a pleasant contrast with the savage style of the outfit.

3.Wild Attraction: Mid-length, fringe swept to the side tousled ends. The man’s charm lays in simplicity.

4. Powerful Blonde: Precious and cool, the platinum blond underlines the most refined look.

5. Mimetic Attitude: The soft shading of dark blond in to light gold – together with the waved style– makes this proposal shot and vibrant.

6. City Predator: Free and active like a young feline. Her distinctive sign is long shiny hair lightened up by thousand flashes.

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