Dellaria Salons Our Story

Our Story

The Dellaria Salons Mission

Dellaria Salons’ most valuable asset is our reputation and image. For nearly a century, we have worked diligently to maintain and expand this positive image. It is our mission to uphold and enhance our reputation for quality in styling, customer service and the products we offer.

The History of Dellaria Salons

Dellaria Salons began in 1962 with the opening of a small salon in Newton, Massachusetts by John Dellaria. His vision was to offer something different in order to stand out. His idea was to break away from the traditional “beauty parlor” of teasing and setting, and replace these hair practices with cutting, styling, and blow drying. Although these techniques are accepted now, at that time they were very new. Slowly but surely, the public noticed the difference in what Dellaria Salons had to offer and the business began to snowball. To handle needed expansion in size and to develop into new areas including training and hair products, John, Robert Dellaria, and Nino Micozzi incorporated the business in 1974. In 1990, with the continued growth in the business, we changed management styles with Nino Micozzi leading the Dellaria organization. The Company along with a new force of “Regional Managers” has grown Dellaria Salons into one of the largest group of hair salons in the country with 18 locations in Massachusetts which employ over 400 of the most talented and creative professionals anywhere. The secret to our success is no secret at all. It is our dedication to quality in every phase of our operation from recruitment and training to the products our clients take home to maintain “The Dellaria Look”. Today, we style over 45,000 clients each month. For years, other professionals have come to Boston from all over America and Europe and paid thousands of dollars to learn our techniques. Almost every fashion and trade magazine has prominently featured our designs. The unsurpassed respect and admiration directly benefit every single employee.

The Dellaria Salons’ Goals, Values, and Beliefs

Our goals are accomplished by a commitment from each and every Dellaria Salons employee. Our values and beliefs require that we:

  • Treat each Dellaria Salon customer with respect and give them an opportunity for input on how to continually improve our service goals.
  • Treat each customer fairly and with mutual respect. The Dellaria Salons does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. When problems arise, the facts should be analyzed to determine ways to avoid similar problems in the future.
  • Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action to resolve customer service issues, to ensure customers satisfaction, and to work collectively so that problems are not repeated in the future. In this way, we will maintain our leadership position in the industry.
  • Foster an open door policy which encourages interaction, discussion, and ideas to improve the Dellaria Salons’ work environment and thus increase our overall productivity.

Our success is a joint effort thanks to the collaboration of our salon teams and the support of our corporate structure. We constantly explore new opportunities for growth, which in turn will offer us and our customers a greater chance of success.